Commercial Rubber Surfacing

Create a safe walking surface for your guests and clients with our rubber floor coatings specially designed for Orlando's Pool Decks, Splash pads, pathways for Golf Courses, Playgrounds and Gyms.

Poured in place rubber surfaces

Rubber floors combine high-tech polymer resin with rubber to create a resilient, anti-slip and safe surface that is versatile and virtually indestructible. Professionally installed over existing surfaces, rubber floors expand and contract to accommodate temperature changes and ground movement.

This unique combination of features makes rubber floors the perfect choice for golf courses, commercial playgrounds and pools, gyms and splash pads. They provide a safe surface for your customers to walk on and protect the joints from the impact of walking on hard surfaces.

The use of rubber also ensures that rubber surfaces are durable and long-lasting. They can withstand heavy foot traffic and exposure to the elements without deteriorating or fading, making them a cost-effective solution for Orlando's golf course walkways, pool decks, playgrounds, running tracks and gyms.

Why you should use rubber floor surfaces

Rubber floors are the perfect safety surface for busy commercial properties that experience constant access to water or are exposed to weather elements. In addition, Orlando's theme and aqua parks, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, gyms, running tracks, golf courses and splash pads can benefit from rubber flooring.


Rubber surfacing with Rubaroc combines high tech polymer resins with rubber to create a resilient, non-skid surface that is virtually indestructible.

Fast, Professional Installation

Rubaroc is mixed on site and troweled by an experienced team to a uniform thickness over your new or existing surface to create a beautiful, seamless finish. The floor can be completed in as little as 1 Day.


Our rubber surfaces are skid-resistant when wet, which makes them perfect for commercial wet deck applications.


Our rubber surfaces stretch to accommodate most substrate cracks caused by ground movement. They also expand and contract with temperature changes.

All round surface

We can apply our rubber surfaces directly to any solid substrate, including concrete, asphalt, epoxy stone, brick, wood, steel, tarmac, chipboard and aluminum. As a result, surface blemishes are quickly filled and eliminated without the need for jackhammers.

Easy to maintain

Rubber surfaces are stain resistant and can be cleaned with ordinary soap and water. In addition, floors can easily be repaired if needed by removing the damaged areas and refilling them with a new rubber mixture.

Rubber safety surfaces installed in as little as 1 day

Minimize closing times for areas with high foot traffic by installing rubber safety flooring. Depending on the size of the area, the installation can be completed in just one day.
Our installation process starts by cleaning and removing any loose substrate from the floor.
Once the floor is thoroughly cleaned, we apply a primer.
After the primer, we mix the desired color with the resin and hand towel it to the surface.
In most conditions, the rubber floor systems are usable after a 24-hour drying period.

Create the safety surfaces that matches your brand

Our rubber surfaces are available in a range of solid colors and color mixes to match any brand identity.
Choose from a wide range of colors to create the interiors and exteriors that best suit your vision, identity and guests.
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